FRIDAY, Nov. 11, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Scientists say they have figured out the ideal speeds for cyclists and pedestrians to move in order to limit their inhalation of air pollution and still get the full benefits of exercise.

8 Unexpected Benefits of Exercise

1. Reduce stress . Rough day at the office? Before you head home for the night try taking a brisk ïwalk or better yet, head to the gym for a quick workout. One of the most common mental benefits of exercise is stress relief . Working up a sweat helps manage the physical and mental stresses we all experience on a day-to – day basis . Exercise also increases concentrations of a chemical in the brain called norepinephrine which is responsible for moderating the brain ’s response to stress. So go ahead and get sweaty — working out reduces stress and boosts the brain ’s ability to deal with future mental tension .

2. Boost happy chemicals . Slogging through a few miles on the ‘mill can be tough , but it ’s worth the effort . Exercise also releases other brain chemicals called endorphins which help diminish the perception of pain , they can even create feelings of happiness and euphoria ! Even if the run feels hard, the endorphin release reward at the end makes it well worth the endeavor .

3. Improve self -confidence. Start lifting weights to look , and more importantly feel, like you ’re a strong and capable person . On a very basic level physical fitness can boost self -confidence by improving the way we see ourselves . Regardless of people ’s weight , size, gender , or age, exercise can quickly elevate their perception of themselves .

4. Enjoy the great outdoors. Take that workout outside because exercising in the great outdoors can increase well-being even more . Nature already has a way of recharging us , but then mix that with an outdoor workout that fits your style such as rock -climbing , hiking, renting a canoe or even just taking a jog in the park, and you ’ll be multiplying the beneficial effects of both! Even the Vitamin D acquired from soaking up the sun in appropriate amounts lessens the likelihood of experiencing depressive symptoms. Why book a day at the spa when a little fresh air, sunshine and exercise can work wonders for your well -being and happiness ?

5. Boost brainpower . Those fit lab rats might be smarter than you think . Various studies on mice and humans have shown that a challenging cardiovascular workout can improve the health of nerve cells by producing more of a protein known as brain- derived neurotrophic factor ( BDNF). It is believed that this protein helps improve decision making, higher thinking, and learning .

6. Sharpen memory . Get ready to win big at Go Fish. Regular physical activity boosts memory and ability to learn new things. Getting sweaty also increases the production of cells in a part of the brain called the hippocampus which is responsible for memory and learning . So it is possible to be both sporty and nerdy.

7. Increase relaxation. Ever hit the hay a few hours after a run or weight training session at the gym ? For some, a moderate workout can be the equivalent of a sleeping pill, even for people with insomnia​



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